Reflection: Acts, week 20

What is the hard, costly or dangerous thing God has called you to do?

That’s a good question. Maybe when Jason asked this on Sunday, you thought to yourself, I have no idea…

You’re not alone! I’ve learned a lot of us are so busy talking to God, we forget to listen. There could be something God has waiting for you. Just take a moment to ask and then listen. Or maybe you have a feeling as to what it is he is asking of you, but because it’s challenging, you’re not entirely convinced it’s what God wants. You figure it’s best to wait it out and see.Psalm 46_10

I remember I was in a tough situation with an old job I had. God provided a way for me to leave, but I was so afraid. I wanted to leave, but I was afraid of being bored or lonely… or worse, going back to that place I had been in when we first moved to Arizona. When we first got here, I was so stressed and had horrible chest pain… and I thought getting a job would fix everything. Honestly, that’s what I thought, even though it was silly. God is our peace and help. Jobs don’t fix problems. Money doesn’t fix problems. People don’t fix problems. God fixes problems!

Thankfully, we didn’t need me to work, but I enjoyed earning money and having something to do. But I knew God was calling me to leave that job. It may sound odd, but I truly was afraid of being home all day. It was a fear of the unknown. In that time, God taught me to rely on him. He showed me how very unimportant everything was in comparison to sticking with him.

I’ve always felt since I have a college degree, anything I do that’s work related that isn’t what I went to school for is a waste. Or staying home is waste. God calls us to different things, and I’ve learned he doesn’t care what your degree is. We are all called to something, and it could what you never expected.

I’ve learned God has called me to be a wife, and soon, a mother. Those are full-time jobs whether or not I work. And those are important jobs.

You may feel what you’re doing is insignificant or small – don’t. Being a parent, taking care of siblings or grandparents, volunteering in a nursing home, working in a soup kitchen when you’re a professional chef… Be proud of what you’re doing! And most importantly, remember we work for God and not man.

God is always up to something. Whatever it is you’re doing right now, God is teaching you something. He’s preparing you for something. I think we’re sometimes so wrapped up in our own heads we don’t always see or recognize what he’s doing. We don’t take time to enjoy those moments. And we should, because they don’t last forever.

There is beauty in silence. Beauty in quiet and calm. “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10. Be still and know God is with you no matter what you’re doing. He will carry you through. His will is always best, even if it’s hard. It’s harder when we resist. So don’t. Be still and know he is God.

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