Reflection: Acts, week 21

Has God ever promised you something?

I love Paul’s confidence in the words the angel gave him. They would all be ok even in the midst of a terrible storm.

Thinking about that promise God gave you… What happened? Are you still waiting on it? Have you started to lose hope?

Remember this: It will be as God said. Ken made a great point. No matter what we believe, whatever God says will be. His timing isn’t always “ideal” to us. Sometimes we wonder what he’s doing. Sometimes we start to doubt. But I can promise you… If God has given you his word, it will come to pass.Acts 27_25

What I find most difficult is when all is looking good and in line with what God said, and suddenly, things change. I think back on different situations and remember how my confidence was as high as Paul’s. I felt good, even in the middle of a storm. Then I felt myself slipping because the wind changed. If you think about what the angel told Paul, they said all passengers would be safe. There was no mention of when specifically that would be… And did you catch the part where Paul told everyone even though they would survive, they’d be shipwrecked on an island?

Maybe you’re hanging out on an island in the middle of nowhere right now, but that doesn’t mean God isn’t going to complete what he started. I feel thankful for the way my situation played out, because I learned much more. I learned about myself, and more importantly, I learned to rely on God in ways I maybe never would have otherwise.

Remember God will do what he says. It might not happen overnight or in a month or even a year, but it will be done. Hang on to his words with confidence because he who promised is faithful. He has never failed and he won’t start now.

If you read my blog on the reflection for Acts, week six, you learned I went on an immersion trip in college for my language requirements. Long story short, it was rough. I came home after six weeks when I was supposed to be there for a semester. I encountered many different issues and dangers that I won’t get into here, but God promised to get me home. It didn’t happen right away, and there were lots of little steps along the way, but he brought me back. There were times I felt deeply afraid and uncertain, but I held on to God. That whole trip and experience felt like one massive storm.

In my times of doubt and fear, I often felt ashamed and frustrated I felt the way I did… But I’ve learned nothing surprises God. He knows we struggle. It’s all part of our growth.

So if you’re feeling stranded in a storm or stranded on an island, hang on to Christ our anchor. He will never break. You won’t fall away.

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