Reflection: On Location, week one

It all started in a garden.

And start in a garden it did. Do you ever think about Adam and Eve and wonder… why in the world did you think eating a piece of fruit would make you like God? How does that even make sense? I know I’ve wondered that.

Then I remember as silly as that sounds, Satan is the master of lies. That means he’s good at what he does. He can make stupid things sound not so bad. He can get inside your head and make you forget all that’s actually true.

Like me, you probably know this all too well. We’ve all dealt with temptations and lies before. Around this time last year, I was going through a situation that escalated way too quickly. When it first started, I had suspicions it wasn’t the best idea for me, but I bought into the lies I wasn’t doing anything wrong. It didn’t take long before I was in over my head.Not my will

It took a lot to “wake me up.” Even after I did, I was still shaking off the dirt. I think about issues I’ve known people to go through… Alcoholism, compulsive gambling, compulsive lying, cheating, stealing, etc… And on the outside, I wonder, how did any of that sound like a good idea? Then I think about my own life and the battles I’ve been through. It doesn’t sound like a good idea. It really doesn’t. It all starts with us buying into little lies. Little by little, we suddenly don’t even recognize it as wrong anymore. Either that, or we lie to ourselves to make us feel better.

Think about what Jason said on Sunday. We do our own will instead of God’s will. We listen to what we want. That’s exactly what Adam and Eve did. There are times we know something is wrong, but we don’t care. We do it anyway. A good example I can think of is a movie. So maybe it has some nudity. So maybe it isn’t that “moral…” I’m an adult so I can handle it. Right?

“I’m an adult” is my classic answer if I’m feeling bad about a choice I made. I’m learning that excuse isn’t an excuse. It’s a crutch, it’s a way out… It’s reasoning. This is what we seem to be so good at.

While I can think of plenty of times I’ve done the wrong thing, I can think of times I made the right choice. I listened to what God was telling me. I stood strong even under peer-pressure. It was hard, but it was worth it. It felt good to do the right thing.

In his flesh, Jesus didn’t want to die for you. I love Jason said that. I never thought of that before, but of course, it makes sense. I certainly wouldn’t want to do that. Who would?

But Jesus said not my will, but yours be done. Not what I want… Not what I want. It’s surrendering, like Jason said, and I think it’s also love. It’s love and respect for God. And God’s will is always best. It doesn’t always seem that way or feel that way, but it is. I think we eventually see/discover that, even if it takes us a while.

We’ll never be perfect, but if we want to do better, the answer is never going to be found in following our own will. It’s not in a piece of fruit, the bottom of a bottle, a forged signature, a song on the radio… The answer is always Jesus. The best route is the one he has for us. Cling to that path. Cling to him. Don’t let go.

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